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Retrieval Artist News

A lot of news on the Retrieval Artist front. The new book will come out sometime this year. I’m in negotiation on various aspects of the pub date (which sounds odd, but I can’t say much more). The book will be longer than expected, which is part of the problem.  If you want to read a stand-alone section of the book, get the July/August Analog when it comes out.  I’ll make another annoucement about that here.

In the meantime, those of you who have been struggling to find paper copies of the book, your wait is over…for The Disappeared. The trade paper is available on Amazon.com.  It’ll take another month or two before a regular bookstore can order it.  If you own or work in an indie store, you can contact me at the moment to get copies.  Otherwise, you can order your trade paper version here. You can order an electronic copy on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Smashwords or in other e-bookstores.  If you would like an audio version, click here.

Here’s the full wrap-around cover, just in case you were wondering what it looks like. I love the art, done by Jonathon Kort.


Also, the second book in the Retrieval Artist series, Extremes, has just become available as an e-book.  Trade paper to follow in two months.  You can get Extremes on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and in other e-bookstores.  These books do stand alone, so you can start with this one if you want.

Here’s the wonderful Jonathon Kort cover, followed by the back cover copy:

Booklist calls Extremes “an exemplary futuristic detective thriller.” RT Book Reviews says, “This futuristic tale breaks new ground as a space police procedural and should appeal to science fiction and mystery fans.” But Locus Magazine covers it all: “Extremes is simultaneously thriller, deftly plotted detective story, and SF complete with a form of Mad Scientist. Like the best of those genres, it also features well-drawn characters whose various viewpoints, areas of expertise, moral choices, and personal dilemmas all add to the rich mix.”

A Retrieval Artist dies of a virus, yet his colleague, Miles Flint, believes the death is not an accident. Police detective Noelle DeRicci knows that the death of a young woman in the Moon’s prestigious Extreme Marathon is not an accident. It soon becomes clear that both deaths are connected. Flint and DeRicci find themselves in their own race, one against time and a certain kind of madness that could threaten everything they know and love.

Find out why Io9 says Miles Flint is one of the best science fiction detectives ever, why New York Times bestselling writer Orson Scott Card calls the Retrieval Artist series “some of the best science fiction ever written.” Read Extremes.




  1. Wayne McCalla Wayne McCalla
    April 2, 2011    


    Is there a difference between this version and the ROC edition?


    • April 2, 2011    

      No difference, Wayne. Except for the lovely cover, of course. And that this one is in print. 🙂

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