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Anniversary Day Available in All Formats

If you’ve been waiting for the trade paper or e-book version of the newest Retrieval Artist novel, Anniversary Day, it’s available now! You can find the e-book on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and in all the other e-bookstores. You can order a trade paper copy here or find it at your favorite bookstore. (If they don’t have it, have them order from WMG or through their favorite book distributor.) If you want a signed trade paper, you can order that through WMG Publishing.  And if you’ve already ordered a signed copy, it shipped, as promised, yesterday. (I know. My hand is sore from signing, which I’m quite thrilled about.) And of course, you can still get the audio edition from Audible.com.

For those of you who are reading the entire series in e-book, the previous two titles, Recovery Man, and Duplicate Effort, are now available as well. Enjoy!


  1. December 5, 2011    

    Thanks fr the answer. Oh well. At least this means I don’t have to wait before I order! I can’t afford many new books at the moment, but a new Retrieval Artist tale can’t be passed up. Any idea whether Amazon Canada is likely to stock it? Shipping from the US site is rather steep. Oh, and on an unrelated note, I donated to your Writer’s Guide back some time ago, got an e-mail asking what format I would like, but then never heard back. Is there still somewhere I could grab the download?

    • December 5, 2011    


      The Freelancer’s Guide files went out about a year ago now. Records are in last year’s files. If you can send me the information about the donation to the contact address here on the site, I’ll see what I can do. As for Anniversary Day, Amazon Canada should be stocking it. Let me know if they aren’t and again, I’ll check on what to do. Thanks!

  2. December 4, 2011    

    Hi Kris

    I was just wondering whether there was going to be a MMPB release for Anniversary Day. Not that I don’t like TPB, but I’d prefer to match the others in my existing collection. I am very pleased to see that the earlier novels are back in print, as those I regularly try to introduce to the series can now feed their habit without having to scour the 2nd-hand shops.

    • December 4, 2011    

      Sadly, no, Justin. No mass market paperback on the horizon. WMG doesn’t do them. It will, however, be putting all the older books into trade. (I know, just what you want to hear.) The downside is that your collection doesn’t match. The upside is that there will be new books for the foreseeable future.

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