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For Folks in the UK and Australia (and the rest of you too) (with a correction)

I know you folks have a bank holiday on Monday, but doesn’t that mean you should be reading? This promotion that WMG and Kobo are doing is for the United Kingdom and Australian readers, but here’s a secret for the rest of you: The coupon code below works worldwide. :-) However, it is just for one book.

And  yes, you should probably recognize the books that are on sale. They’re the same ones as last week’s sale. Now remember, this is for the weekend only.

2940016187372_p0_v1_s260x420So, Kobo and WMG Publishing are offering a 30% off sale on these e-books: A Dangerous Road (the first book in my Smokey Dalton mystery series2940148457589_p0_v1_s260x420 (written as Kris Nelscott)), The Fates Trilogy (all three Fates books under my Kristine Grayson pen name), Snipers (my newest novel), and The Perfect Man edition which has both my Kristine Rusch novelette and the novel I wrote as Kristine Dexter plus an introduction. The Perfect Man stories came from the same idea but are very different in execution. If you want to get a book, you need to use this promo code before August 26th:Get30now

Remember, it only applies to one.

A Dangerous Road eb#14C5A26

978-0615762050-2TAnd, since I have your attention, I should probably point you to WMG’s free offerings this week. The free podcast is one of my Grayson short stories, “Geeks Bearing Gifts,” read by the incomparable Jane Kennedy. And today’s free short story is also one of mine, “Advisors at Naptime.” I must confess: It’s one of my favorites too.

Remember, the Kobo promotion will only last until August 26. That’s the weekend. And you can get SnipersThe Perfect Man special edition, The Fates Trilogy, or A Dangerous Road. Have fun!


  1. Dave Durgee Dave Durgee
    August 24, 2013    

    Am I missing something here, or is this offer restricted to Kobo users only? If so, will there at some point be a similar offer for Kindle users?

    • August 24, 2013    

      I’m afraid it’s Kobo users only, Dave. You’ll have to ask WMG if they’ll be doing a promotion with Kindle. They tell me when the promotion goes live so I can tell you guys.

  2. Michael Bernardi Michael Bernardi
    August 24, 2013    

    I just tried to use this code on the Smokey Dalton book and was told GET30OFF had expired

    • August 24, 2013    

      Oh, bummer. Maybe try again from another computer? Because it should work. I am forwarding your note to WMG, so that they can deal with this if it turns out to be a wider problem than a simple computer glitch.

      • August 24, 2013    

        WMG got back to me (on Saturday!) and the code was wrong. It’s GET30NOW. Thank you for pointing this out!

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