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Diving Novels Available Worldwide, Another Kobo Special, And A “Thrilling” Podcast

Diving-into-the-Wreck-ebook-cover-webFor years, people outside of the United States and Canada have asked me for copies of the first three books in the multiple-award-winning Diving universe, Diving Into The Wreck, City of Ruins, and Boneyards. For a while, selling copies of the books outside of the United States and Canada was impossible without selling those same copies inside of the United States and Canada. Pyr Books has licensed the North American rights only, and if I had published those three books inside of the United States, I would have violated my contract with Pyr. But technology is ever-changing, and as of last year, it became possible to sell outside of North America without offering the same books to a North American audience. Long story short, I licensed the rights to sell the three Diving novels outside of North America to WMG Publishing. It has taken several months, but I can now report that all three novels are available worldwide, in both e-book format and in trade paper format. English only, I’m afraid. You should be able to get the books through Amazon’s Kindle, and through Kobo. I can’t link to the foreign editions from the US (for obvious reasons), but they are available.City-of-Ruins-ebook-cover

Remember, everyone worldwide can preorder the next Diving novel, Skirmishes, in ebook on Kobo as well. It’s also available for preorder in audio. Even though Skirmishes will be in trade paper and on other e-book sites, there are no preorders available in those locations. You’ll have to wait for the September 17 release date to get the book.

The art on all four books is by Philcold.

Boneyards-ebook-coverSpeaking of Kobo, for this weekend only, they’re offering another discount on my books. This time, the discount is for the US and Canada only, and is available through Monday September 2 If you use this code labourday30, you’ll be able to order one of these four titles: Smoke-Filled Rooms written under my Kris Nelscott name, The Perfect Man which I wrote as Kristine Dexter, Geek Romance written under my Kristine Grayson pen name, and Bleed Through which is under my real name (Rusch). I do  not know if the code also works overseas, the way the last codes did. Remember, the discount only lasts the weekend.Skirmishes ebook cover web

Finally, one more short term thing: WMG offers a free short story podcast every Thursday. I wrote this week’s offering, “The Thrill of the Hunt,” and somehow WMG’s Jane Kennedy managed to talk me into reading it. So you can listen to the podcast story for free until next Thursday. After that, there will be something new.  And this one can enjoyed by all of you, worldwide, for the next few days. 🙂


  1. Clyde Wisham Clyde Wisham
    September 2, 2013    

    Kobo Japan lists two versions of Diving Into the Wreck. They have different covers, different prices, and different publish dates. The 523 yen version has a February 2013 date and the 699 yen version has an August 2013 date. This is very curious indeed. Which is the preferred version?

    • September 2, 2013    

      The first (from February) is the novella on which the novel is based. The second (August) is the novel. Please make sure that the edition is from WMG Publishing. The link I saw listed the Pyr edition, which they legally cannot market to Japan. Thanks, and thank you for letting me see this.

      • Clyde Wisham Clyde Wisham
        September 3, 2013    

        OK, I got the first two Diving books, and they indeed are from WMG Publishing. Into the to-read stack they go. (Reading Snipers at the moment.)
        Boneyards isn’t listed by Kobo Japan. Perhaps it will show up later.

        • September 3, 2013    

          Wonderful, Clyde. Thanks for all the help on this. I’ll let WMG know that Boneyards isn’t listed yet. It should be…

  2. walter daniels walter daniels
    August 31, 2013    

    Agaun, I’m sorry. I’d consider buyiong one or more of the books, but tnis is NOT a useable bkurb. “A blistering rendition of the ’60s racial wars marks this series as a standout as early as its second entry. You don’t need to be a fan of private-eye novels to admire Smokey: You just need a conscience.”
    That gives me no idea what the book is about. If Kobo wrote the blurb, they are doing you a real disservice. I love reading Anne McCaffrey Pern books, but I would not buy one, with that kind of back cover blurb. That’s a comment, not a blurb. Sorry.

    • August 31, 2013    

      That’s not the whole cover blurb. Don’t know why Kobo didn’t put the whole thing on there. Go to http://www.krisnelscott.com for information on the whole series. And if you click on the covers, you’ll get to see the entire blurb. 🙂

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