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Writing Advice

I was going to write a few essays inspired by our Short Story Workshop this past weekend. It turns out that my husband Dean Wesley Smith beat me to it. He’s covered three topics on his blog that I was going to talk about. Since he did it so well, I’m not going to write […]

Tie-ins and SF

Mind Meld has done another long piece on an issue that won’t die: What kind of impact do tie-ins have on sf? Lots of good stuff in here. They actually asked tie-in writers as well as other sf folk. And yes, they asked me. You can find the latest tussle here.

Thank You, Mr. President

HBO is running a short documentary of Helen Thomas, the White House reporter who has covered 9 presidents. Thomas has always been a hero of mine. When I wanted to be a journalist, I wanted to be one in the Helen Thomas vein, who wasn’t afraid to speak truth to power or to ask the […]

Worldcon Report Part Two

The Worldcon reports are coming in and SF Signal has been keeping track of them. You can find links to all the reports here. As for the second part of mine, I decided, after this brutal summer in sf, that I would see as many of my friends and mentors as possible. Even though this […]

Worldcon Report Part One

We arrived home from Worldcon late Monday. It was a good convention–a lot of fun to see old friends, meet a few new ones, and connect with readers. I have often said that everyone who goes to Worldcon has a completely different experience. One fan told me that she spent her entire Worldcon in the […]

Worldcon Schedule

I’ll be at the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver this week. Here’s my schedule for folks who are going. I do like meeting readers, and hope to see you there. Those of you who live in Denver and just want to come for one day can get a day membership at the door. You’ll […]

The Dark Knight

Another midnight show, a completely different crowd. Our small band of local writers went to the six-plex (yes, we only have one) at midnight July 17 (July 18, official opening day) to discover the movie was sold out. (Fortunately we had our tickets from earlier in the week, when we saw Hellboy 2.) Now, you […]

New interview posted

Travis Heermann interviewed me for his writing blog. He asked some interesting questions. You can find it here. You might want to play around on his site for a while. He has many author interviews as well as some other worthwhile things there.

Fast Forward 2

This cover art is from Fast Forward 2, edited by Lou Anders. The anthology will come out in October, and I have a story in it. Lou sent a copy of the cover art this weekend. What you’ll find here is the pure illustration without the text and the illustration with text. The artist, John […]

The Great Debaters

I finally had the opportunity to see this movie. It’s marvelous. Not a lot of action–it’s a movie about intellectual pursuits. As a person who was on the debate team (yes, major geek) and who had a few teachers like the character Denzel Washington played, the movie was–oddly enough–a trip down memory lane. Since I […]

A New Science Fiction Story!


My story, "The Museum of Modern Warfare" just appeared in the December Analog. Get your copy by clicking the words below:

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

A New Story!


My story, "The Night of The Dancing Champions" just appeared in one of my favorite issues of Fiction River so far. Check out Recycled Pulp by clicking the words below:

Fiction River: Recycled Pulp

A New Alternate History Story!

Vatican Vaults

My latest alternate history story, "The Island of Lost Priests" just appeared in Tales From The Vatican Vaults. Readers in the U.K. can get this book in all formats from ebook to paper. If you're elsewhere, you can get paper only through online retailers. U.S. Readers, click the words below:

Vatican Vaults

A New Urban Fantasy Story!


My latest urban fantasy story, "Fashion and the Snarkmeisters," just appeared in Chicks and Balances. Get your copy at your favorite bookseller, ebook retailer, or by clicking the words below:

Chicks and Balances

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