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Cat Crimes and Cheezburgers

One of my favorite goofy sites is Icanhascheezburger. A friend sent this link.  I have a story in the book featured on the picture (and a cat who looks like the cat). http://icanhascheezburger.com/2009/03/06/funny-pictures-nowheers-a-new-one/ Send to Kindle


I love seeing enthusiasm about science fiction and fantasy. A while ago, I sold a story to a new group in Colombia. They reprinted “Chimera” in this beautiful book, and did a multimedia presentation to introduce the book. The book is called Agua/Cero. Now the same group is putting on a conference in Colombia and […]

Two good essays on writing

My husband, Dean Wesley Smith, has a good blog about writing fast on the Novelists Inc. site. Check it out here. Also, Writers of the Future posted an essay by Algis Budrys. It’s the lecture AJ used to give beginning writers on structure. Since he’s not around to give it any more, this slightly paler […]

Writing Advice

SF Signals Mind Meld column is always interesting, and often useful.  This time John DeNardo asked a bunch of writers, including moi, for the best writing advice we ever got.   It’s all entertaining, of course, and diverse.  Except for John C. Wright’s decision to shred Heinlein (what was the point of that?), it’s mostly […]

We Are One

As my friends can tell you, I’m a political junkie.  Many Americans are following the inaugural events this year.  I follow them every 4 years. Which means I’ve seen all of the celebratory concert.  I didn’t have high expectations for this concert.  I didn’t have low ones either.  I recorded it so that I could […]

A New Short Story!

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