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The Dude Abides

I’ve had a pleasant holiday weekend, but not a great one. So this afternoon, as I turned on NPR, I wasn’t in a bad mood, but I wasn’t in a great one. The first thing I heard was an analysis of the fictional character, The Dude, from one of my favorite movies (and definitely my […]


Every now and then, my mother’s old admonition, “You’re too young!” actually rings true. Even if in this case, it wasn’t so much youth as a lack of education. When I was in high school, Queen came out with their classic album Night at the Opera. (Yes, I’m that old.) I had it and listened […]

More on Science Fiction Short Fiction

The discussion has started, thanks to SF Signals short interviews on the state of short fiction. Jenn, the owner of indigocafe.com, has an interesting point, not just about science fiction, but about mainstream literature as well. Check it out here.

Black Magic

It’s been an interesting week for me. I spent most evenings watching “Black Magic,” a documentary on the history of black players in basketball. The documentary is 4 hours long and worth every minute. I watched in segments because I didn’t have 4 hours in a row. I’ve been studying history all my life, with […]

The State of SF Short Fiction

John DeNardo recently asked me to participate in the Mind Meld section of sfsignal.com. The question was about the state of short fiction in the sf genre. He asked several others as well, and he posted the answers here. It’s an interesting discussion, and I suspect it’ll inspire me to write an essay. But my […]

Baen’s Universe

I had time to play on the site for Baen’s Universe today. Baen’s Universe is a full-fledged science fiction and fantasy magazine on the web. It costs $6 to read an issue or $30 to subscribe. I’d recommend a subscription. The magazine has excellent columns and some wonderful short fiction. You can also get podcasts […]

The Night James Brown Saved Boston

On Saturday as I was driving to the grocery store, I heard a section of an NPR report on a documentary airing on VH1 about James Brown on the night after Martin Luther King was assassinated. The NPR story was interesting enough for me (who as Kris Nelscott wrote a book about the assassination [Dangerous […]

August Rush

Last night, I watched August Rush. It’s a sweet little film, a fable about love and music and relationships. What struck me about the movie, however, wasn’t its sweetness or its charm. This is the first film I’ve ever seen that accurately shows what it is like to think musically. I was raised in a […]


I suppose you figured out by my contribution to BenBella’s anthology on 24 that I am a fan. I watch the series on DVD, not on live television. I simply can’t watch fewer than 2 episodes in a setting (and sometimes 4). So I’ve just finished Season 6. Not the best season (that was Season […]

New Amsterdam

I’d heard that Fox didn’t want to approve New Amsterdam , about an immortal New York homicide detective, although I didn’t hear why. I was afraid that they didn’t greenlight it because the show was bad or stupid or poorly acted. Those are often the reasons. Then the writer’s strike came along, and Fox greenlighted […]

A New Science Fiction Story!


My story, "The Museum of Modern Warfare" just appeared in the December Analog. Get your copy by clicking the words below:

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

A New Story!


My story, "The Night of The Dancing Champions" just appeared in one of my favorite issues of Fiction River so far. Check out Recycled Pulp by clicking the words below:

Fiction River: Recycled Pulp

A New Alternate History Story!

Vatican Vaults

My latest alternate history story, "The Island of Lost Priests" just appeared in Tales From The Vatican Vaults. Readers in the U.K. can get this book in all formats from ebook to paper. If you're elsewhere, you can get paper only through online retailers. U.S. Readers, click the words below:

Vatican Vaults

A New Urban Fantasy Story!


My latest urban fantasy story, "Fashion and the Snarkmeisters," just appeared in Chicks and Balances. Get your copy at your favorite bookseller, ebook retailer, or by clicking the words below:

Chicks and Balances

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