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Something fun

WMG Publishing has a free podcast every week. This week’s is a story of mine called “Advisors at Naptime.” It’s one of my personal favorites. Every hear the expression: An average five-year-old could’ve figured that out? What if a bad guy decided to hire an average five-year-old to figure out if his plans are good […]

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Stories, Anthologies, And Bundles Galore!

December’s usually a slow publishing month, but not this year. If you want to read some great new fiction this December, look no farther. First, the latest Fiction River volume, Hex In The City, appeared just today. Put together by acclaimed editor Kerrie L. Hughes, Hex In The City features stories by award-winning authors Jay Lake and Lee […]

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Retrieval Artist Update #1

About this time, you Retrieval Artist fans have started looking for the next book. In December, it’ll be one year since the previous book, Blowback, came out, and in a perfect world, you would have the next Retrieval Artist novel before the end of 2013. The book is even completed. But… (You knew there would […]

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