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First, here’s the link to the entire Guide.

The Entire Guide

Now here are the individual pieces, in order of publication on this site:

1. Introduction

2. Priorities

3. Workspace

4. Illness

5. Vacations

6. Job Description

7. When to Quit Your Day Job

8. Things You Need Before You Quit Your Day Job

9. Staying Positive

10. Insurance

11. Discipline

12. Money Part One

13. Money Part Two

14. Money Part Three

15. Money Part Four

16. Money Part Five

17. Money Part Six

18. Money Part Seven

19. Employees Part One

20. Employees Part Two

21. Time

22. Deadlines

23. Patience

24. Setbacks Part One

25. Setbacks Part Two

26. Setbacks Part Three

27. Failure

28. When To Return To Your Day Job

29. Success: Part One

30. Success: Part Two

31. Success: Part Three

32. Success: Part Four

33: Success: Part Five

34: Burnout

35: Flexibility

36: Postponing Your Dreams

37: Negotiation Part One

38: Negotiation Part Two

39: Negotiation Part Three

40: Negotiation Part Four

41: Negotiation Part Five

42: Negotiation Part Six

43: Professional Jealousy

44: Surviving Someone Else’s Jealousy

45: Professional Courtesy

46: Business Plan

47: Goals and Dreams

48: Networking Part One

49: Continuing Education (Networking Part Two)

50: Risks Part One

51: Groups (Networking Part Three)

52: Groups Continued (Networking Part Four)

53: Liars, Scammers, and Bullshit Meters (Networking Part Five)

54: 2 Personality Types (Networking Part Six)

55: Online Networking (Networking Part Seven)

56: Online Networking 2 (Networking Part Eight)

57: Online Networking 3 (Networking Part Nine)

58: Online Networking 4 (Networking Part Ten)

59: Expectations

60: Expanding Your Business

61: Schedules And How To Keep Them

62 & 63: Updated! Giving Up On Yourself

64: Risks Part Two

65: Emergencies

66: Advertising Part One

67: 21st Century Thinking (Advertising Part Two)

68: Incorporation

69: The Benefits of Hindsight

70: The Benefits of Freelancing

Epilogue: The Great Experiment

You can now order either an e-book copy of the Guide or a trade paper copy of the Guide. It’s in slightly different format and has been organized, so that related topics are in an easily accessible place.

You can get the print version hereThe audio version is available here.

For those of you who’d like to buy an ebook, here’s the Amazon link as well as the Barnes & Noble  and Kobo links. The e-book will also be available on all the other e-book sites. If you want it in your favorite format, and the book hasn’t yet been uploaded to your favorite site, try Smashwords. You’ll be able to download in a variety of e-book formats.

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