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Written By: Kristine Kathryn Rusch

In February of 2011, I decided to excerpt one novel each month to give you a sample of the various things I do. Because of my own time limitations, I’ve decided to excerpt less frequently. But I’m still adding books. Here’s a list of the books that have been excerpted so far.  Click on the title to find the link.

The Disappeared: A Retrieval Artist Novel

Diving into the Wreck

Simply Irresistible (Kristine Grayson)

Wickedly Charming (Kristine Grayson)


The Death of Davy Moss

Sacrifice: The First Book of The Fey

Utterly Charming (Kristine Grayson)

The Perfect Man (Kristine Dexter)

Extremes: A Retrieval Artist Novel

Anniversary Day: A Retrieval Artist Novel

City of Ruins

Assassins in Love (Kris DeLake)


Alien Influences

Thoroughly Kissed (Kristine Grayson)

A Dangerous Road (Kris Nelscott)

Completely Smitten (Kristine Grayson)

Charming Blue (Kristine Grayson)

Consequences: A Retrieval Artist Novel

Smoke-Filled Rooms: A Smokey Dalton Novel (Kris Nelscott)

Blowback: A Retrieval Artist Novel

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  1. Lee Chapman says:

    have read cty of runs and boneyards absolutely fantastic i was captured immedately Whats next n the series

  2. Anthony Terrazzino says:

    Hi all I just love yuor writing Mrs Rusch. Will there be a book after the book boneyards?

  3. Hendrik Hasselmann says:

    Is there a chance for a continuation of the book “The Tenth Kingdom”? Would be a shame to let it ends :)
    Kind regards from Germany.

    • Hi, Hendrik,

      I wish there were. We were hired to write the novel from the screenplay for the miniseries. We’re not in charge of that project in any way. I love it, though, and would love to do more, but that’s up to the screenwriter, who no longer seems interested. :-(

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