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I write under a variety of names. Some of these names have their own websites. I’ve linked to the sites and to the pages below.

Kris DeLake: website,

Kristine Dexter: website (under construction), page

Kristine Grayson: website, page

Kris Nelscott: website, page



  1. dusty dusty
    September 15, 2013    

    So the aliens who live in foldspace attacked the fleet and the fleet set up the boneyard as a place of protection but the aliens got in anyway and left a alien AI in the yard to keep the fleet out of fold space to protect there living foldspace ships children or young. The aliens catured as many fleet vessels as they could find thousands of years ago and put them all in the boneyard. Then forgot about them after making sure humans had been set back milenias.
    now we need to know if thebaliens are still around or extinct? ?………. :)

    • September 15, 2013    

      Except there are no aliens in the Diving universe… :-)

      • dusty dusty
        September 16, 2013    

        What. You mean they havent found them yet?
        Lol…. well there goes that therum…

        Unless the fleet started exploring foldspace….

        So i read skirmishes in 6 hours so what 6 months we will have fleet empire?
        and yes i read all the others.
        I did apreciate you telling the same story but from Coops perspective or alternate perspective.
        and i understand changing the versions a bit for harmony

        so i wait

        • September 16, 2013    

          Thanks, Dusty. It’s so fun. I can write a book “fast,” but never as fast as the readers can read one. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  2. dusty dusty
    September 12, 2013    

    Just a note: I am an avid scuba diver and have been both cave and wreck diving from the carib to japan diving ww2 wrecks so i have really enjoyed this series as it brings the real danger of wreck diving to life!

    • September 12, 2013    

      Thank you! I’m glad an expert finds my imagined scenarios work. Yay! I appreciate that.

      And I’m writing as fast as I can… :-)

  3. dusty dusty
    September 12, 2013    

    So i need another diving book. I oddly ran out of them after bonyard and skirmishes oh my that came out yesterday. Dang im all caught up. So i guess dignity recall the next book will be january?……..lol ok ill wait patently….

  4. Janet Janet
    February 13, 2013    

    Hi I was wondering when the next diving book is coming out and if it will be a sequel to City of Ruins? Thanks!

    • February 13, 2013    

      Hi, Janet. The sequel to City of Ruins came out last year in January. It’s called Boneyards. You can still get copies. The next book after that is called Skirmishes and will be out in September. There are also related novellas, available in bookstores & on Amazon. Enjoy!

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