The Perfect Man

I know that romance readers often don’t like to buy hardcovers. So if you can’t buy the hardcover, do me a favor and ask your library to order it. If you can order the book or have your library do it within the next month (until 5/15), you will help considerably with something called “velocity” which is one of the main ways that book sales are measured. (If a book sells quickly, that’s better than selling the same number of copies slowly.)

And enjoy!!!!!

May 1 update


Book dealer Sheldon McArthur is offering The Perfect Man at 10% off the cover price to anyone who e-mails him, orders the book, and cites this website. Tell them that Kristine Dexter (or Kristine Rusch) sent you and you’ll get a deal on the book. The e-mail address is

You can also call him at North by Northwest Books at 541-994-3087. Or you can see him in person at the store in Streetcar Village, Lincoln City, OR, and get the same deal.