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The first book in the Place of Power Series (the Fey) will appear from WMG Publishing in 2014.

These books in the Fey series are available as paperbacks and e-books. You can find them in every bookstore site or through your favorite bookstore.

The Fey: Sacrifice (Book One)
The Fey: Changeling (Book Two)
The Fey: Rival (Book Three)
The Fey: Resistance (Book Four)
The Fey: Victory (Book Five)
The Black Queen (Book Six)
The Black King (Book Seven) has reissued the Fey series in audio book editions.  They have just purchased The Black Queen and The Black King, so I expect those will be in audio in early 2013. You can find the audio books here:

The Fey: Sacrifice (Book One)
The Fey: Changeling (Book Two)
The Fey: Rival (Book Three)
The Fey: Resistance (Book Four)
The Fey: Victory (Book Five)
The Black Queen (Book Six)
The Black King (Book Seven)

And to whet your appetite, WMG has published the only Fey short story (so far) in an electronic edition.

“Destiny” is a prequel to the entire series, featuring Solanda the Shapeshifter.  You can find the story in e-book format on Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords. “Destiny” is also available in trade paper, which you can order from any bookstore.

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