Diving Universe

Novels and Standalone Novellas (suggested reading order)

DIVING INTO THE WRECK, Pyr Books, 2009; WMG Publishing, 2013. RT Book Reviews Top Pick, November 2009.

CITY OF RUINS, Pyr Books, 2011; WMG Publishing, 2013.

•Becalmed, Asimov’s April/May, 2011. WMG Publishing, 2012. Also available in The Diving Bundle from WMG Publishing, 2013.

•The Application of Hope, Asimov’s, August, 2013. Cover story. Winner: Asimov’s Readers Choice Award, Best Novella. WMG Publishing, 2014.

BONEYARDS, Pyr Books, January, 2012; WMG Publishing, 2013.

SKIRMISHESWMG Publishing, September, 2013.

THE RUNABOUT, Asimov’s, May/June 2017. WMG Publishing, September 2017.

THE FALLS, WMG Publishing, September, 2016.

SEARCHING FOR THE FLEET, WMG Publishing, September 2018.

The Spires of Denon, Asimov’s, April/May, 2009. Cover story. WMG Publishing, 2010.

THE RENEGAT, WMG Publishing, September 2019.

Escaping Amnthra, Asimov’s October/November 2011. WMG Publishing, 2020.

THE COURT-MARTIAL OF THE RENEGAT RENEGADES, Asimov’s, September/October 2022 & November/December 2022. Winner: Asimov’s Readers Choice Award, Best Novel/Novella. WMG Publishing, June 2023.

THIEVES, WMG Publishing, February, 2021.

SQUISHY’S TEAMS, WMG Publishing, November, 2020.

THE CHASE, WMG Publishing, September, 2021.

Maelstrom, Asimov’s, September/October 2020. Finalist: Asimov’s Readers Choice Award, Best Novella. WMG Publishing, March 2021.


The Diving BundleWMG Publishing, 2013. Contains the novellas “Diving into the Wreck”, “Room of Lost Souls”, “Becoming One With the Ghosts”, “Becalmed”, “Stealth”, and “Strangers at the Room of Lost Souls”.

•Diving Pairs Vol. 1WMG Publishing, June 2021. Contains the novels City of Ruins and the novella “Becalmed”.

•Diving Pairs Vol. 2 WMG Publishing, June 2021. Contains the novels Boneyards and Squishy’s Teams.

•Diving Pairs Vol. 3, WMG Publishing, June 2021. Contains the novel Skirmishes and the novella “Strangers at the Room of Lost Souls”.

•Diving Pairs Vol. 4, WMG Publishing, June 2021. Contains the novels The Runabout and The Falls.

•Diving Pairs Vol. 5, WMG Publishing, June 2021. Contains the novella “The Spires of Denon” and the novels The Renegat and Escaping Amnthra.

•Diving Pairs Vol. 6, WMG Publishing, June 2021. Contains the novels Searching for the Fleet and Thieves.


• “Diving into The Wreck,” Asimov’s, December 2005.  Cover story.  Winner, UPC Award, 2005.  Locus recommended reading list, 2005.  Winner, Asimov’s Readers Choice award for best novella, 2005.  Published as “Buceo en Los Restos del Naufragio,” in Premio UPC 2005, edited by Miquel Barcelo, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Nova, 2006. Reprinted in Russian as the cover story of If (Esli), 12/2006. WMG Publishing, 2013. Also available in The Diving Bundle from WMG Publishing, 2013.

• “Room of Lost Souls,” Asimov’s, April/May 2008. Cover story. Special Mention, UPC Award, 2007. Winner, Asimov’s Readers Choice Award for Best Novella, 2008. Reprinted in Russian as the cover story of If (Esli) Magazine, May, 2009. WMG Publishing, 2013. Also available in The Diving Bundle from WMG Publishing, 2013.

• “Becoming One With the Ghosts,” Asimov’s October/November, 2010. Winner, Asimov’s Readers Choice Award for Best Novella. WMG Publishing, 2013. Also available in The Diving Bundle from WMG Publishing, 2013.

• “Stealth,” Asimov’s October/November 2011. WMG Publishing, 2013. Also available in The Diving Bundle from WMG Publishing, 2013.

• “Strangers at the Room of Lost Souls”, WMG Publishing, 2013. Also available in The Diving Bundle from WMG Publishing, 2013.

• “The Rescue of the Renegat,” Asimov’s Jan/Feb 2018.

• “Dix,” Asimov’s March/April 2018.

• “Lieutenant Tightass,” Asimov’s July/August 2018.

• “Joyride,” Asimov’s Nov/Dec 2018.

• “Hunches,” Asimov’s Jan/Feb 2021.

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For additional information, go to the Diving Universe website.

36 thoughts on “Diving Universe

  1. I just finished the Diving Series Box Set (1-3), and I am disappointed that of my two library systems, they only carry about half of the Retrieval Artist series (which I finished just before starting the Diving Series Box Set). As someone who thrives on libraries, getting into independently-published authors (courtesy of a Sci Fi HumbleBundle deal) is seriously making a dent in my wallet, just to be able to finish all of the series that I’ve started reading. Thankfully, the bundles help mitigate that somewhat… but it looks like while The Diving Series has a lot of small bundles, I’d love to see a bigger bundle/omnibus. Since I already have the Box Set, I didn’t want to purchase the Diving Pairs 1&2, which meant I had to get Becalmed and Squishy’s Teams individually. Diving Pairs 3-6 cover most of the story content, thankfully, but I’m going to hold off on purchasing The Chase and Maelstrom for now in hopes that they’ll be in bundle eventually. Sadly, I’m still missing out on 6 other Asimov’s novellas that aren’t included in the Diving Pairs bundles. I’m sure I would love The Fey series as well, but I don’t see any multi-book packs there. Oh well, at least I’ve got enough content to last me for about a month!
    (NOTE: All titles/bundles I refer to in this comment are for e-book format.)

    1. Diving is still an active series. I write out of order, which means I might end up writing something at the beginning of the saga…next year. That makes it impossible at the moment to do a omnibus. (And, wow, would that be huge!) Some of these will end up in smaller bundles. Keep an eye on our Kickstarters as well, because you can usually get the new ebook for about $5 plus a lot of extras.

      And kudos to you for going to the library! Check out interlibrary loan, because other libraries might have the books you’re missing.

    2. Well. Here I am, less than 2 week later, ready to purchase both The Chase and Maelstrom, because I’ve finished all 6 Diving Pairs bundles. I wish the “free ebook” included for subscribing to the newsletter was one that wasn’t already included in one of the bundles that I purchased, but alas.

      I did notice a continuity error in the course of the books, though, regarding “Karl’s knife.” Initially, Boss explicitly states that she sent his knife out with his body at his funeral, and then purchased her own replica of the knife as a reminder. Later books say that Boss keeps diving with Karl’s actual knife.

  2. Does “The Chase” occur before “Maelstrom”? Where does “Hunches” fit in the Diving Universe?

  3. Write Faster! Please! The end of “Thieves” was a cliffhanger ending, how could you do that to us? I am dying with curiosity about what happens next.

  4. I discovered the latest in the series Searching for the Fleet on kindle, and it’s listed on the diving universe website but not here or on Wikipedia? ?
    From the contents list this appears to contain the shorts Dix and Lieutenant Tightass. Is this correct?
    regards and congrats on a great series.

    1. I can’t control Wikipedia, Garry, but I did screw up by not putting it here. Yes, Searching For The Fleet is the newest book. It came out in September and it is a full novel. It does have Dix & Lieutenant Tightass in it. There will be more Diving news coming later this spring and in the fall. You might want to sign up for the Diving Universe newsletter (below). I do let the fans know what’s going on there with a bit more reliability. https://wmgpublishinginc.us7.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=3803d3d895919eb90d86ed2d0&id=f84e1bbcce

      Oh, and you might want to check on the Diving website as well, which I keep up marginally better than this one: https://www.divingintothewreck.com/

      And thanks so much for your comments on the series!

  5. Just started reading Diving Universe series. Read two nowellas – “Diving into the Wreck” and “Room of lost Souls”. What can I say – that’s something new in the genre. Some fresh idea – I man about ntring the wrecked spaceship thee anger not from some alien ceatures but from the atmosphere on the location itself. The S-technology adds some mystic vibes…. Great series! For mee seems that this series is a (hidden) gem of modern SF!

    Greets and best wishes from a Diving Universe fan from Ukraine (maybe the first one, who knows:))!

    1. Sorry for some misspellings. I mean: “Some fresh idea – I mean about entering the wrecked spaceship the fear not from some alien ceatures but from the atmosphere on the location itself. “

  6. The Falls Great Book i believe this is her best work so far , I wished it was longer .hated to stop reading such a great book so i read it again hope she will pen more in this time frame of Diving universe Great writing/ story telling .Reminds me of .Great North Road by Peter F Hamilton. just read Searching for the Fleet its was Great
    oh how/why is Sector Base E-2 still intact ,.next book ?

  7. Just finished reading “Lieutenant Tightass” in the July 2018 issue of Asimov’s. Delightful, nicely done.

  8. I see reading order for novels and novellas, but do you have a suggestion of readin them all? Do you prefer the novel versions of the novellas in the end? I just had the weird reading order of reading Stealth and then started Boneyards not realizing Stealth was buried in that. 😀

    1. Read the novels, and the novellas that aren’t in the books. It should say on the books which ones include novellas (or vice versa). I haven’t looked lately and am not on a device that allows for easy searching.

  9. The Diving Series Starter Bundle by Kristine Kathryn Rusch $7.99 (before discount) which includes the first three books in the series (Diving into the Wreck, City of Ruins and Boneyards.) is available from Kobo, at least in US and UK. Also a 40% off coupon 40BOX

    That’s ePub but no DRM so converting to Kindle is trivial

    A Ghost of a Chance Starter Bundle by Dean Wesley Smith is similar.

  10. Hello,

    I have just finished ‘Diving the Wreck’ and I would like to continue the story. You have two reading lists, one of Novels and one of Novellas. Is the complete story (so far) a combination of the two lists? What order would I read in to get the complete story? Thank You.


  11. I discovered you via EscapePod some years ago and follow the Diving Universe but due to a crowded reading schedule I am remiss in a couple. I promise to catch up now that I have Boneyards under my belt. Thanks for a fresh voice in an otherwise tired genre.

    1. It’s all about the characters and the story in my head, skippen. So they’re one big manuscript–story–in my brain. I don’t prefer one or the other (Although I might have some favorite characters–and I won’t admit who they are.)

  12. Thank you for the Diving Universe Series, They rank up there with Armor, the Pern books, and Battlefield Earth as ones I reread every 2-3 years. I’m missing a few, which I will try to get now.

  13. Are the “Diving into the Wreck” novella and novel different stories? Wondering if I need to buy and read novella, as I already have the novel.

  14. I am a true fan! As an Asimov’s subscriber, I always look forward to your work in upcoming issues. I’m delighted to read a female sf author, certainly, but I am especially impressed by your intriguing plots, suspenseful and vividly imagined worlds, and compelling characters. The character interactions are true and deeply emotional (I confess I often cry). Can’t wait for all the books to be available. Thank you for such amazing sf writing.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Where are you located? The books are all available, or should be, through one or the other publisher. If you’re in the US, and can’t get the books, let me know. Otherwise, you should be able to get all the ones I’ve written so far. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words!!!

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