Business Musings Table of Contents

Please note: I am back writing a weekly blog. If the posts are not listed here, I simply haven’t gotten to them yet. Click on the home page, and on the right side of the page, hit categories. You’ll find Business Musings listed, and you can find what you missed.

(in order of publication last to first)

Mythbusting (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (9/7/16)

A Real Book Contract (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (8/29/16)

How To Hire An Attorney (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (8/24/16)

Agent Agreements (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (8/17/16)

The Agent Clause (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (8/10/16)

My Agent Will Negotiate (Contract/Dealbreakers) (8/3/16)

Protecting Your Content and Your Name (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (7/27/16)

Other Evil Clauses (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (7/20/16)

Discount Abuse (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (7/13/16)

Long-term Thinking: Rights Reversion (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (7/6/16)

Long-term Thinking: The Contract Termination Clause (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (6/29/16)

The Midlist Rules! (6/22/16)

Thugs, Lawyers, and Writers (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (6/15/16)

An Important Notice on the Non-Compete Clause (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (6/8/16)

Sneaky Money Grabs (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (6/1/16)

The Grant of Rights Clause (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (5/25/16)

Long-Term Thinking: The Non-Compete Clause (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (5/18/16)

Long-term Thinking: The Option Clause (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (5/11/16)

Agents and Estates (Contracts/Dealbreakers/Estates) (5/4/16)

Prince, Estates, and the Future (Contracts/Dealbreakers/Estates) (4/27/16)

Know Your Rights (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (4/20/16)

Fair, Compromise, Clout, and Balls (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (4/13/16)

Contract Basics (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (4/6/16)

Introductory Remarks (Contracts/Dealbreakers) (3/30/16)

[I have not added 7/28/15-3/24/16 yet. Sorry. Got behind.)

The Branding Surprise (7/22/15)

Fighting the Wrong War (7/15/15)

Brain Quakes (7/8/15)

Writing for the Ages (7/1/15)

Why I Love Taylor Swift (6/24/15)

Gaming the System (6/17/15)

Hidden Treasures (6/10/15)

Whining (6/3/15)

Choices (5/27/15)

Writing by Committee (5/20/15)

The Freelance Scramble (Part Five) Burning Bridges (5/14/15)

The Freelance Scramble (Part Four) Debt Collection (5/7/15)

Mush Brain (4/29/15)

The Freelance Scramble (Part Three) The Unthinkable (4/22/15)

The Freelance Scramble (Part Two) The Actual Scramble (4/15/15)

The Freelance Scramble (Part One) (4/8/15)

The Hard Part (4/2/15)

Controlling The Creatives (3/25/15)

Beginner’s Luck (3/18/15)

The Importance of Routines (3/11/15)

Getting By (3/4/15)

Indispensable (2/25/15)

A Year of Experiments (2/18/15)

Weird Misinformation (2/11/15)

Following The Crowd (2/4/15)

Sure, I Trust You (1/28/15)

Traditional Numbers (1/21/15)

The Rise of The Backlist (1/14/15)

Churning It Out (1/7/15)

Things I Learned (or Relearned) in 2014 (12/30/14)

Things Indie Writers Learned in 2014 (12/23/14)

What Traditional Publishing Learned in 2014 (12/17/14)

The Popcorn Kitten Problem (12/9/14)

Finally! Discoverability! (10/14/14)

What Kind of Writer Are You? (8/9/14)

What Is Discoverability? (8/7/14)

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