Stories for an Enchanted Afternoon

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Stories for An Enchanted Afternoon is one of my short story collections. It includes the Hugo Award winning novelette, “Millennium Babies,” as well as some Reader’s Choice winners like “Coolhunting.”


Golden Gryphon is offering these books at a reduced price for the holidays. Here’s the press release, along with the titles of the other books he’s offering for sale.

Greetings from the Gryphon!

Times are hard for all, and we are discounting select titles immediately until
times are better. The following books are now $20.00 each, with free shipping:

Beluthahatchie, by Andy Duncan
Claremont Tales, by Richard A. Lupoff
Claremont Tales II , by Richard A. Lupoff
Stories for an Enchanted Afternoon, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Great Escape, by Ian Watson
Mockymen, by Ian Watson
The Resurrection Man’s Legacy, by Dale Bailey

To order copies, order them at our website (

Two titles are almost out of print: The Atrocity Archives, by Charles Stross, and
Eternal Lovecraft, edited by Jim Turner. Only three copies of Eternal Lovecraft
remain, and only two dozen of The Atrocity Archives. Both are first editions, and
can be ordered at our website.


Gary Turner

By the way, there are some really good books on this list. Dale Bailey’s story, “The Resurrection Man’s Legacy,” is one of my favorites. Andy Duncan’s fiction is always a revelation. Richard Lupoff & Ian Watson are two of the most inventive writers I’ve ever read.

Check out Golden Gryphon’s site. The books they produce are high quality and beautiful, filled with excellent fiction.