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A few weeks ago, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine sent me extra copies of some of the issues I’ve been in.  It was a fun package to open, and it got me to look through my files.  Not every issue I’ve been in is here (see photo above), including the very first issue (in 1989) and the latest, November 2008.  

 Usually, I don’t pay a lot of attention to what I’ve done, choosing to focus on the current project, but I have to say this one startled me.  A lot.   I guess visual representations work for me–and made me want to write more mystery stories. 

I do love the digest magazines, and I’m proud to be in them.  I’m a little stunned to realize it’s been decades that I’ve done this.   Decades.  (How can that be?  In my head, I’m only 25….)