The Writing Career, as seen through other eyes

On Writing

I know, I know.  I should be writing this afternoon.  Instead, I’m surfing.  I have a short story to finish, but the thing is making me cranky.  My critical voice is on high, shouting at me as I try.  It does that quite often when I write science fiction and so I must do things to shut it off.  Mostly that entails applying butt to chair, but I have a lunch in 45 minutes, so I’m using that as an excuse to surf the web.   

I read my husband Dean Wesley Smith’s blogs on how to get motivated.  He’s gearing those to newer writers, but honestly, they apply to us old timers too.  You can find them at  He’ll be doing this for the rest of the year.  Check it out.    

Then Ed Gorman, one of my favorite mystery writers, with a lovely blog, pointed me to Tom Piccirilli’s blog on staying in the business–the good, the bad, the frustrations.  It’s geared to those of us who have been in the biz for a while, and honestly, it came at the right time for me.  (I initially typed “write time.”  How’s that for the subconscious sending a message?) When I get home from lunch, butt will be applied to chair.  <sigh>    

You can find Ed’s wonderful blog at  He’s worth reading whenever he posts.   

Tom’s is .