6 thoughts on “New Jim Baen’s Universe Column

    1. Jeez louise, I fell down on the spelling in this column and so did the copy editor. I’ll forward this one to them too, and get that fixed as well. Thanks, Sean.

  1. Good article.

    I’m going to remember this for the next 10-20 years and see if I can figure out what trend comes next. (For personal fun and amusement.)

    One minor thing. I just checked my current stack of books, and I think you meant Charlaine Harris, not Charlene Harris. (I keep mispelling her name, too.)

    1. Whoops. Y’know, it’s not a hard thing to look up. Of course I should have done that. D’oh. I just sent a correction to my editor there. I have a hunch she can correct it, since it’s an electronic file. Thanks!

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