Freelancer’s Guide in Order

Freelancer's Survival Guide On Writing

As folks have pointed out to me in e-mail and on the comments section, the Guide is getting hard to track on the site.  So once in a while, I’ll post links to the Guide in order.  

First, here’s the link to the entire Guide.  You can also select this under monthly columns off to your right.

The Entire Guide

Now here are the individual pieces, in order:

1. Introduction

2. Priorities

3. Workspace

4. Illness

5. Vacations

6. Job Description

7. When to Quit Your Day Job

8. Things You Need Before You Quit Your Day Job

9. Staying Positive

10. Insurance

11. Discipline

12. Money Part One

13. Money Part Two

14. Money Part Three

15. Money Part Four

16. Money Part Five

17. Money Part Six

18. Money Part Seven

19. Employees Part One

20. Employees Part Two

21. Time


“Freelancer Writer’s Survival Guide copyright 2009 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  


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