2010 Workshops (plus one 2009)

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Dean just posted our writers workshop schedule for 2010 on his website.  There are a lot of workshops for beginnings, professionals, and master level writers.  Check that out here.

We also have one more workshop open to anyone in 2009.  If you want to get into publishing–fiction or nonfiction–or if you are in publishing but can’t see the overall picture of the industry (and how to negotiate your place in the industry), come to this workshop.

–September THE FICTION CAREER. aka the KRIS AND DEAN SHOW.September 12 and September 13, 2009. $300.00 (does NOT include room but room rates are very cheap. $59.00 per night.). A workshop structured for anyone interested in becoming a selling fiction writer, from how to structure a story or novel, to how to sell it, how to get an agent, what happens in editor’s offices, and everything beyond. Two full days. Contact Dean on his website for more details.  http://deanwesleysmith.com/

I hope to meet some of you at the workshops in the next year.

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