Diving is out!

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My editor, Lou Anders, just gave me the heads-up: He saw Diving into the Wreck on the bookstore shelves today.  So he got home and checked, and Diving is marked as in-stock on Amazon. If you’re planning to buy one, please pick up a copy as soon as possible (publishers look for speed of sales as well as number of sales).  Your local bookstore should have a copy or order here.

I’ll do a flashier post with the cover and everything when I’m not knee-deep in a workshop.  And thanks, y’all, for the great letters letting me know you can’t wait for the book.  It’s heeeeeeere!

3 thoughts on “Diving is out!

  1. Yup, Amazon showed it In Stock when I checked just now.
    And yet they still show a publication date of November 24, 2009.
    Ahh, who is Asleep at the Wheel?

    Hope you get an extra push out of this, Kris.

    1. The book was scheduled for November, so I’m a bit surprised it’s out in the States. Maybe that will change on the Canadian site within the next week. The early pub surprised a bunch of us. I’m pleased, though. The sooner readers get it, the happier I am.

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