Diving is out!

My editor, Lou Anders, just gave me the heads-up: He saw Diving into the Wreck on the bookstore shelves today.  So he got home and checked, and Diving is marked as in-stock on Amazon. If you’re planning to buy one, please pick up a copy as soon as possible (publishers look for speed of sales as well as number of sales).  Your local bookstore should have a copy or order here.

I’ll do a flashier post with the cover and everything when I’m not knee-deep in a workshop.  And thanks, y’all, for the great letters letting me know you can’t wait for the book.  It’s heeeeeeere!

3 responses to “Diving is out!”

  1. Yup, Amazon showed it In Stock when I checked just now.
    And yet they still show a publication date of November 24, 2009.
    Ahh, who is Asleep at the Wheel?

    Hope you get an extra push out of this, Kris.

  2. Justin says:

    Unfortunately still shows as a pre-order at Canadian Amazon. Hopefully it will come into stock soon.

    • Kris says:

      The book was scheduled for November, so I’m a bit surprised it’s out in the States. Maybe that will change on the Canadian site within the next week. The early pub surprised a bunch of us. I’m pleased, though. The sooner readers get it, the happier I am.

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