Bouchercon, Mystery Readers, and Me

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I got home from Bouchercon late yesterday, and am only now beginning to process everything. For those of you who were wondering, I didn’t pick up any awards.

Mitch Alderman’s “Family Values” from Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine won the Best Short Story Shamus, and Sean Chercover’s “A Sleep Not Unlike Death” from Hardcore Hardboiled won the Anthony. (You should check out these and the other nominated stories–they’re great.)  Honestly, most people say it’s an honor to be nominated, but I mean it. Out of about 3000 short stories published that are vaguely mystery every year (the statistic comes from Penzler’s Year’s Best), two of mine got shortlisted. I’m thrilled.

I had a great Bouchercon. I met a lot of readers, talked great books, and generally had a good time. Plus I felt very welcomed by the mystery community.  You all are great. Just wanted to say that. Now I’m going to go sleep the sleep of the jetlagged….

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