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As you’ll see over the next few weeks, I’ve gone website happy.  I figure it’s easier to have a static website for some of my universes, which will easily answer reader questions.  So the first to go live (as they say) is Diving into the Wreck. I haven’t done everything I want to do yet; I’d like to highlight artist Dave Seeley’s work, for example, and help people find the various novellas.  But I have enough to let y’all know it’s there–and, more importantly, that there’s an excerpt from the novel on the site, for those of you on the fence about buying it. You can find the excerpt here.

I also have a bookstore page for bookstores carrying the book.  So if you are a bookstore owner or you know of a bookstore that carries the book, send me your contact information, and I’ll put it on the site. I’m doing it by region, so folks can find nearby bookstores carrying the novel (and maybe discover some bookstores as well!). Here’s the link to the bookstore page.

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