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The March Asimov’s features a story of mine that’s been in the works for about 8 years. I couldn’t write it until I found a few great books on the history of the Tower of London.  Believe it or not, it took a while to find those books.  Even the information online wasn’t as detailed as I wanted.  Eventually I found all that I needed, however, and wrote “The Tower.”  You can find an excerpt here–and if you want, you can order the issue, as either a print copy or a download.  Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “The Tower

  1. I’m happy to have one of my poems appear again in an issue of Asimov’s with one your pieces. The first time was September 2006, which also had a space-uniformed female on its cover. Now, I know that more copies will be preserved for posterity, especially by your fans.

    Vin Miskell

  2. I picked this issue up the other day and wanted to let you know that your story was a fantastic end to a fantastic issue of Asimov’s. It was my first experience with your writing and I was impressed…impressed enough to rush out and buy Diving into the Wreck, which I have just finished. Wonderful!

    I look forward to seeking out more of your work and enjoying it in the future.

  3. Kris, I just picked up this issue last week, and was please (but not surprised) to see your name on it. I was also very impressed with the cover, and thought you might be interested in this youtube from the artist:

    Makes me really, really wish I’d stuck with my visual arts studies, back when I was a teen. Once upon a time I remember wanting to be able to paint like this.

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