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I spent the weekend as one of the Guests of Honor at the Radcon Science Fiction convention.  If you haven’t attended a con in a while, go to next year’s Radcon. You’ll have a blast.  This is my third (?) Radcon, and I’ve had fun every time.  It’s in Pasco, Washington.  I forgot to take pictures, but fortunately, others remembered.  This photo, of the book signing, comes courtesy of Kay Kenyon (who is a fine writer–buy her books!).  It’s of me and Patricia (Patty) Briggs (another fine writer–buy her books too!). As you can tell, we’re having fun.


4 thoughts on “Radcon

  1. Name-Spelled-Wrong here 🙂 It was a treat to see you again. Had a zombie panel Sunday morning, so I could only make the second half of your and Dean’s talk. You’re both always such a kick-in-the-pants inspiration! I needed that kick to get out of a slump and start sending out more submission packets. So, of course, now I can be a fretful stress-puppy nervous wreck … but the worst they can do is say no, right? Not like they will come to my house and HIT me … right? Right? Augh!

    — C.

    1. That’s right. The worst they can say is no. And the best they’ll say is yes. You can’t achieve anything without trying. Go for it, Christine! (At first, I thought a zombie panel on Sunday morning was a pun….)

    1. Spent some time with Jane–had a panel with her–but wasn’t able to do more than say hello to Carolyn. She looked like she was having fun, though.

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