The Disappearance of Wicked

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One of my own personal favorites–“The Disappearance of Wicked”–appears in the March/April edition of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.  I think I like this story because I needed a writer’s office cat, so I inserted my own. The Goddess, as she appears in this story, was as she appeared in life–forever biting the hand that fed her, threatening the raccoons, and being her usual tough self.  She was still alive when I wrote the story, but died last May at an advanced age–at least 15, probably much older. (We’d had her 12 years, and the vet said she was at least 3.  But she had a gray muzzle and old lady habits even then, so she was probably 10.)  Anyway, there are other things in the story–children, dogs, kidnappings.  But I won’t give it all away.  Find your copy here, and enjoy!

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