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Apollo8 cover

On May 1, Golden Gryphon is releasing my latest short story collection, Recovering Apollo 8 and Other Stories.  The collection features all of my award-winning and best-of science fiction/fantasy stories from the last five years or so.  None of these stories have been in previous collections, and some are very hard to find.  It also has a stunning Bob Eggleton cover.  Bob and I are happy to be working together again.  He was the artist on my very first cover story, “Sing,” in Aboriginal SF Magazine–and, it turns out, that was his first cover painting ever.

You can preorder here or directly from the publisher here.

2 thoughts on “Recovering Apollo 8 And Other Stories

  1. Fantastic cover, Kris. And thanks for all the feedback and pointers you gave us on our novel packages. I think everyone felt a lot more confident with each of their packages on Monday night, as opposed to Friday night. (g)

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