Vampires, G-Men, and Other Creatures

I haven’t posted the new stories available in electronic editions in almost a week, so here they are. I’m listing the three easy access sites.  It takes 6 weeks to reach the other sites like iBook, but eventually they will be on those sites as well. A Shamus Award nominee.  Pita Cardena runs a very small law firm that is suffocating under a very big […]

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Wisconsin Library Association Honors Diving Into The Wreck

The Wisconsin Library Association has chosen Diving into the Wreck as one of the top ten books of the year by a Wisconsin writer. You can find the press release here. I’m both thrilled and honored, since I spent most of my formative years in Wisconsin libraries.

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May 2010 Recommended Reading List

In April, I deliberately read books that I thought wouldn’t suck me in (because the novel I was writing at the time wouldn’t let me get involved in other works, jealous novel that it was).  As a result, my recommended reading list for April was unbelievably short. I more than made up for that in May, despite the fact that I was teaching a very […]

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More Fey News

Now that has published the audio versions of the five books of the Fey, people have asked when it will be rereleased in book form.  Book one, The Sacrifice, will appear in the fall, with the next four books appearing at two month intervals.  Watch this space for exact publication dates. Remember, you have until June 29 (Tuesday) to download your free copy of the […]

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Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Emergencies

Artwork donated by Pati Nagle. Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Emergencies I am writing this in a hotel room in Boise, Idaho.  I’m not really on a vacation, but I did sorta plan for this trip.  I knew I’d be away, planned projects I could do on the road, and brought a lot of electronic hardware with me.  I feel a bit odd traveling with laptop, Kindle, […]

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The Fey Available Again!!!!!

Reissue month continues with the best news of all.  My fantasy series, The Fey, which has sold to five countries and is much loved has reappeared in audio. has produced all 5 (long) novels–and until June 29th–is giving book one away for free.  So scurry on over there and download the first book quickly.  Enjoy. Free copy of The Sacrifice: Book One of The […]

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Janis Ian’s Welcome Home Deconstructed–by Janis

Janis Ian posted this as a comment, but I’m reposting here in case you didn’t look through the comments section.  If you want to know the references in her marvelous song, check below. From Janis: Here’s a breakdown of the references. Anyone wanting to download it can go to my site , and head for the Music – Free Downloads page. You’re welcome to […]

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What Fluffy Knew

I’ve posted another e-short story this week. This one is my ever-popular, “What Fluffy Knew.” “What Fluffy Knew,” originally a tribute to my cat Ashley, has become one of my most talked about stories. Fluffy, a princessy white cat who lives a charmed life as an indoor cat, discovers, and confronts, an alien invasion–all without leaving the house. First published in an anthology, “Fluffy” has […]

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Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Risks Part Two

The Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Risks Part Two Kristine Kathryn Rusch Part Two, you ask?  Part Two?  Didn’t we discuss giving up on ourselves last week?  What’s this “Risks Part Two”? Well, “Risks Part One” was so long ago you’ve probably forgotten it.  Back in March, I got inspired by events and wrote a bit about risks, knowing I would delve into the topic more later. […]

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A fun little piece on the Geek Girls site

Occasionally I contribute to Geek Girls.  You’ll find free essays on cool sf topics by Christina F. York (Christy Evans) and Graylin Fox as well. In today’s piece, I confess.  Check it out here–and then scan the site.  You’ll have fun.

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