June Is Reissue Month!

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Various publishers will reissue seven of my novels this month, with more on the way during the coming year.  Watch this space for a week long free giveaway, that will happen toward the end of the month.

First up on the reissue bandwagon is Fantasy Life, which got published “dead” in its initial Pocket Books run. What that means is this: the book, purchased as part of a new line, got published even though that line collapsed and the editor left.  No promotion, no review copies mailed, no attention given.  That’s why you’ve never heard of it–and why the mass market paperbacks sell for $42 on various online sites.

So Pocket has decided to do a reissue in trade, with the same cover.

Fantasy Life by Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Book Cover

The price is a bit high, in my opinion.  (As you can tell, I don’t set the price.) Amazon charges the recommended price (here), but Barnes and Noble is offering the book at a discount, which seems much more reasonable to me (here). I’m sure your local bookstore can order this for you as well, and maybe offer you a better deal.

About this book, Best Reviews said:

“This novel will appeal to fans of fantasy, romance, horror and those readers who like a work that is refreshingly unique….Kristine Kathryn Rusch is a talented storyteller who provides her audience with a great tale.”

In the coming weeks, I’ll post notices about a Hitler’s Angel reissue–more like a real launch–and the return of The Fey.

10 thoughts on “June Is Reissue Month!

  1. A trade paper for hardback price?
    $27 will get you the latest HB from almost everyone.
    Is the backing oscelot leather or what?

    Kris, there are some evil spirits lurking.

    Hopefully, the return of The Fey will make you a guest on Oprah II.


    Oops…sorry. Didn’t mean to yell. I got all excited!

  3. Yay!

    I was lucky enough to snag an original copy of Fantasy Life, but I had to pay through the nose to get the entire Fey series on ebay…and then I found the elusive Book 4 in a used bookstore!

    And great news about Hitler’s Angel, too!

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