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I just got my author’s copies of Hitler’s Angel, and the book is even lovely in person than it is on the screen.  One of the best-looking books I’ve ever had the privilege to call mine, actually.

I have discovered that the book won’t be released in North America until January.  However, if you live in the States and want copies, you can order from the sources below.  I hope you do.  I’m very pleased with this book.

Order from Amazon UK, Book Depository, Waterstones, or your favorite British Bookseller.

Or order directly from the publisher, John Blake Publishing.

For more on the book’s history, check out my previous post about the book, Hitler’s Angel reissue (technically).

3 thoughts on “Hitler’s Angel Author’s Copies

    1. Thanks, Jeff. That counts a lot with me. 🙂

      No electronic version yet, Paul, although the publisher insisted on the rights. So there might be one eventually.

  1. It is smashing!

    And just reading the blurb (and of course, knowing the fantastic author) makes me want to go out right now and buy it.

    Or order it, as it were.

    Is there an Kindle or iPad version yet?


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