Hitler’s Angel Author’s Copies

I just got my author’s copies of Hitler’s Angel, and the book is even lovely in person than it is on the screen.  One of the best-looking books I’ve ever had the privilege to call mine, actually. I have discovered that the book won’t be released in North America until January.  However, if you live in the States and want copies, you can order from […]

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An Edgar Nominee and Something Goofy

Two more electronic short stories this week. First, “Cowboy Grace.”  “Cowboy Grace,” with its Western title and its mystery plot, first appeared in an anthology that had mostly sf stories (It was a showcase anthology for authors of Golden Gryphon Press, so it’s not as out of place as it sounds).  “Cowboy Grace” got nominated for an Edgar for Best Mystery Short Story of the […]

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Two Other Versions of Janis Ian’s “Welcome Home”

You guys all inspired Janis Ian to return to the studio so she could do a professional track of the “Welcome Home” song.  She also tweaked the lyrics. They’re below.  I’m sharing the new versions here, which Janis is providing free.  However, I know y’all are very generous with your donations, so I’m also including a link so that you can donate to Janis’s foundation, […]

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Janis Ian’s “Welcome Home”–for true fans everywhere

Janis Ian wrote this for the Nebula Awards banquet, and sent it to a bunch of us to share with you.  Enjoy it, but please, if you share, give credit where credit is due. That’s: Music © Mine Music Ltd./EMI Japan Publishing/Lyric © Rude Girl Publishing.  All rights reserved.  International copyright secured.  Used by Permission Welcome Home (the SFWA song) – At Here are the […]

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Two Electronic Stories–One Free

Two stories for you to read if you’re so inclined. First, “The Paparazzi of Dreams,” which is an sf/mystery/cyberpunky thing that I first published in Analog in 2004.  What if you can record dreams–and play them back? What if the paparazzi could steal them? What if the dreams weren’t quite what you’d expect? You can download this on: Kindle, Scribd, Smashwords The second story is […]

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Hitler’s Angel Reissue (Technically)

Here’s a story for you. In the mid-1990s, I got an idea for a novella in which a detective arrests Adolf Hitler for murdering his niece, thus stopping Hitler’s rise to power.  But I couldn’t wrap my brain around how to tell this story. Because, honestly, if Hitler got arrested in the early 1930s, the detective wouldn’t know it was an important arrest. Hitler would […]

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Another Story And A Free Essay

First the free essay, which is on publishing and various other readery writery things. It’s my Notes From the Buffer Zone column, which has moved from Baen’s Universe to The Grantville Gazette website.  You can find my latest words of wisdom–for free–here: http://www.grantvillegazette.com/articles/Lost_Worlds And now, as promised, another e-story. “What The Monster Saw” is a mystery story first published last year in Ellery Queen Mystery […]

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Two Award Winners and Something Fun

Dean Wesley Smith and I have decided to slowly get our fiction inventory into e-books.  I’ll be announcing new titles every week or so.  You’ll be able to find the stories on Kindle, Smashwords, and Scribd, as well as in most formats most places. You can read a sample if you click on the links. Note: (Kindle links will take a week or so). Here […]

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June Is Reissue Month!

Various publishers will reissue seven of my novels this month, with more on the way during the coming year.  Watch this space for a week long free giveaway, that will happen toward the end of the month. First up on the reissue bandwagon is Fantasy Life, which got published “dead” in its initial Pocket Books run. What that means is this: the book, purchased as part […]

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