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Due to some publishing weirdness that no one can adequately explain to me, Hitler’s Angel won’t be available in the United States until January of 2011.  Except at one bookstore.  The exception came because I live near that bookstore.  North by Northwest Books has copies for sale and they are signed. The bookstore will ship anywhere in the United States.  You can contact them here:

North by Northwest Books
Sheldon McArthur, proprietor
Streetcar Village
6334 S. Hwy 101 #9
Lincoln City, OR 97367

You can also order the book through British bookstores.  Bookbrain.co.uk has a handy list of the stores that have the book in stock.

Hitler’s Angel has been getting stellar reviews in England. Crime Time has a thoughtful full page review.  The Daily Mail called it “a little gem of a thriller. Startling and wonderfully effective.”  So find yourself a copy.  I think you’ll like it.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/books/article-1290621/Thrillers.html#ixzz0uejjUWzx

4 thoughts on “Hitler’s Angel in the United States

  1. What’s cool for me is my local Phoenix library has a copy of the ORIGINAL release from 1998. What are the odds?I put a hold on it today. Couldn’t wait.

  2. I’ve always been mystified by the UK to US publishing divide. It’s not as though the books have to be translated or the marketing reinvented for a completely different culture, and yet books take as much as six months to make their way across the pond to the US if the publisher is based in jolly old England.

    It must be some ancient policy from before the age of the internet, when each market existed only in its own bubble and could be approached separately. Now it just means we have to wait an eternity for the books we want to be set free.

    1. I know. It’s irritating. Ah, well. Sheldon @ North by Northwest managed to conquer the divide a bit, so there are a few books loose in the American wilderness.

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