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Because I was teaching last week and madly finishing up a novel (which I’m still working on), I got behind in posting the new electronic stories. WMG Publishing is reprinting my entire backlist of short stories in electronic editions, and WMG’s imprint, Five Story Publishing, is publishing groups of those stories by theme in collections. The collections are economical, cheaper than buying the stories individually. The blurb about the collection lists story titles, so you can make sure you’re not getting the same story twice.

I’m only going to post the most recent collections here. I haven’t yet notified you of about ten short stories, so poke around your favorite e-book site. You’ll find other things by me. Also, remember that Smashwords has e-books in all formats. I’ll also list Kindle here. It takes about six weeks for the books to hit Barnes & Noble, and the iBook store, so you can either use the Smashwords file or check back. The books will hit those sites eventually.

First the largest Five Story collection–Five Short Novels:

Five novellas, or short novels, for about 120,000 words of fiction, which is much larger than most fantasy novels. In this collection, you’ll find “Coolhunting,” “Broken Windchimes,” “Dragon’s Tooth,” “The Recovery Man’s Bargain,” and “The Spires of Denon.”  Three are from ongoing series–Abracadabra Inc. (“Dragon’s Tooth”), The Retrieval Artist (“The Recovery Man’s Bargain”), and the Diving universe (“The Spires of Denon.”)  The other two are stand-alone award winners.  You can also get all five as single books.

Kindle, Scribd, Smashwords.

What these five stories have in common is this: They’re set in Oregon and I wrote them.  Otherwise, they’re a group of very diverse tales.  Two are nominally sf (“The One That Got Away” and “Going Native”), two are mystery (“Patriotic Gestures” and “The Moorhead House”) and one is…well…just a Kris story (and one of my favorites): “The Amazing Quizmo.”  There will be other five-story collections with matching settings. This just happens to be the first, and set in my home state.  Go figure.

Kindle, Scribd, Smashwords

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