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I have two marvelous covers to share with you.  First, the cover for my upcoming Kristine Grayson title, Wickedly Charming, which Sourcebooks will publish next spring.  I’m starting up an official Kristine Grayson website this month, so there will be more information on the book on that site by the fifteenth or so.  Suffice to say, Wickedly Charming is about another Prince Charming (not Sleeping Beauty’s Charming [that’s Utterly Charming to be reissued after Wickedly Charming], but Cinderella’s Charming, now divorced) who falls in love with one of the evil stepmother’s (Snow White’s. And she’s not evil, just misunderstood).  Confused yet?  You won’t be.  It’s all in good fun.

Here’s the stunning cover:

As soon as I have an exact publication date, I’ll let you know. But it’ll be Spring 2011, so mark your calendars.

The other cover I have to share with you is for a reissue of my very first published novel.  Not the first novel I ever wrote, which my sister finally gave back to me (I was 12 when I wrote it). That novel will never see print, particularly since it’s fanfic.  And badly written. And somewhat juvenile.

This novel, my first to ever be published, I’m still quite proud of.  It’s called The White Mists of Power, and it’s been out of print in the United States for nearly twenty years.  (It’s still in print in at least two other countries, though.)

Here’s the very striking cover:

The book will appear electronically this month.  I’ll let you know when it goes up on the first few sites.  It’ll be on the others by the middle of September.  (It takes a while.)  The print edition will appear this fall from WMG Publishing.  Again, watch this space, and I’ll let you know exact dates.

Still, I had the covers, and I had to share them.

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