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More stories in e-editions.  Three here, two mysteries and one sf novella.  Both “Details” and “Coolhunting” are readers’ choice winners.  “Stomping Mad” marks the first appearance of my fannish detective, Spade.  As always, if you can’t find the editions on your favorite source, either wait a few weeks or go to Smashwords and download what you need.  And, as always, enjoy!

George has lived a full life as a decorated WWII veteran, high-end attorney, family man. But the incident that haunts him only took five minutes, five minutes when he shared a Coke with a woman on her way to California, a woman who would die hours later. Murdered. Maybe even by George.  Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Readers Choice winner.

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This Locus Award Finalist and Science Fiction Age Readers’ Choice Winner follows Steffie, a coolhunter, as she tries to save her genetically altered sister’s life.

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Stomping Mad final cover

When a dead body turns up at Dinocon, Secret Master of Fandom and Private Detective Spade knows just who might be behind it all: Lucinda Danielle Stanhope who calls herself the Martha Stewart of Science Fiction. Now he just has to prove it. “Stomping Mad” marks the first appearance of Spade, who along with his sidekick Paladin, is one of Rusch’s most popular characters.

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5 thoughts on “Three new e-stories

  1. Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention about the model of reader that I bought…the pages can be turned either by the controls on the front of the reader, or you can use a finger swipe. The default motion for the finger swipe, however, is counter-intuitive for readers of English. Thankfully, the direction of the swipe can be changed.

    1. Sounds fantastic, Gary. I’m always curious about e-readers. I love my Kindle more and more the longer I have it, but I’m a gadget person, and wouldn’t mind looking at other e-readers as well. (Can’t have too many books might be translating in my mind into can’t have too many e-readers. Hmmm… that could be dangerous.)

  2. I’ve got the PRS-600, Kris, otherwise known as the Touch. I love it! It works wonderfully. I’m normally a huge fan of Apple—every personal computer I’ve ever owned has been made by Apple—but the price of their iPad is just too much for me. My main reason for wanting an e-reader was because all the textbooks for my college courses are e-books, usually in PDF format. Since the PRS-600 allows me to highlight text and to insert notes it seemed the perfect fit.

    About the only real “downfall” of the PRS-600, in my opinion, is not a problem with the e-reader itself. The problem has to do with books that are scanned then converted to PDF format. Because they are scanned first, they are image files not text files. The end result is that when you want to increase the text size, text does not automatically re-flow like text files do. PDF files that start as text files, however, behave just the way you want them to. The work-around for this particular problem is that the PRS-600 does allow you to view documents in either landscape or portrait orientation, so rotating the orientation allows for enlargement of PDF files that started off as image files without too much trouble when enlarging the text.

    The default size of text on the PRS-600 is “small”—the sizes available are small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large—and “small,” while readable, is a bit too small for my tastes. I’d prefer “medium” to be smaller than it is, but it works well enough. If the text could be scaled to any size that would be best, but that would undoubtedly bump up the price of the e-reader as well as require Sony’s e-readers to be more iPad-like. (To give you an idea of the text size on the reader, “small” is smaller than the text in my mass-market paperback copy of Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris and “medium” is easily twice the size of the paperback text.)

    I’ve a friend who has the lower-end model e-reader by Sony, the Pocket Edition, and she loves it. Her partner also has the PRS-600 and he likes it, as well. My friend has bought several novels that she has stored on her e-reader and takes it with her whenever she’s on vacation.

    Another feature is that the PRS-600, unlike the Pocket Edition, accepts external memory cards. You can use either SD memory cards (like those used in most digital cameras) or you can use Stick PRO Duo memory cards. I believe the limit on the size of the memory cards that can be used is 16GB. That amounts to more than 10,000 books, so there’s absolutely no problem there.

    You can also load audio files onto the PRS-600, too. I’ve got a 4GB iPod Nano I received as a gift a couple of years back. I could easily upload 4GB of music onto an SD memory card, along with 12GB of books, plus the books that the reader’s onboard 512MB memory will hold, and I’d be good for a long, long time. (Sony claims that 512MB will hold 350 books, to give you an idea of it’s capacity. That amounts to approximately 700 books per GB.)

    The e-reader comes with a USB cable, and it’s through that cable (connected to your PC) that the e-reader’s battery is charged (fully charged Sony claims it will run for about two weeks). You can get an AC adapter, but it costs extra.

    Finally, the reader also has a built-in New Oxford American Dictionary should you want to look up an unfamiliar word. I’ve long had the habit of having a dictionary nearby when reading (thanks to a habit ingrained in me by an old high school teacher), so having an on-board dictionary in the reader is perfect as far as I’m concerned.

  3. I just recently bought—through Sony’s ebook store—a copy of Dragon’s Tooth, to read during some time spent enjoying ocean, sand, and sun at Ocean City, Maryland. Finished reading it yesterday. Excellent story. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a story draw me in and hold me like that. Thanks.


    1. Gary, thanks for the e-mail. I’m so glad you liked it! I’ll be doing more books about Abracadabra Inc, and another story is coming out in the next few weeks (“Assassin’s Dagger”) on an e-book. Btw, how do you like the Sony e-reader? I’ve heard good things.

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