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Just wanted to let you all have an update.  This weekend, I will finish the full book of The Freelancer’s Survival Guide.  As I went through it and organized it, I realized I needed another eye on the project.  I needed a professional editor to make sure that everything flows smoothly.  So early next week, the Guide will head to Marty Halpern.  Together he and I will make the book the best it can be.

When we finish that process, in October, it goes to the book designer and then the printer for the (very long) print edition. The electronic editions will be available at that point. Those of you who have donated will get an e-mail from me, requesting a current address (do not send that now!), and then you’ll get your electronic copy of the Guide.

As I work on this, I am very aware of how much you all contributed.  Thanks ever so much for the help.  I honestly could not have written this Guide without you.

6 thoughts on “Freelancer’s Guide Update

  1. I honestly find it a little difficult to read these chapters in the blog format because of length and my time issues (i.e., I’m busy), but I was hoping you’d come out with an e-book for Kindle or a paper book so I could sit down and read all the way through. Good. Looking forward to it.

  2. Awesome news, Kris. I have no comments about Marty but I’m defintely looking forward to the Guide being out. 🙂 If it’s out in print before the Marketing workshop, I might have to buy a print copy and have you sign it.

    1. I don’t think it’ll be out for the marketing workshop, Steve. I have to give Marty time to do his job! I’m talking to WMG about doing the actual publishing to get the work out of my hands. So we’ll see. (This thing is huge!)

      I completely understand, Mark. The book itself is long. Looks like it will clock in at well over 100K. I mean well over. But there’s a lot of information in it, and less repetition than I expected.

  3. Very excited to hear it’s heading to Marty. In my limited experience working with him, the man is razor sharp and is very serious about quality work. One more point on the mountain of them that already make the Freelancer’s Guide worthy of being one of the items I give to other writer and entrepreneur friends for Christmas this year.

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