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This seems to be a week in which I announce new stories.  I have a few others to tell you about as well. But today’s choice, “Killer Advice,” in the January Asimov’s.  The story is a mystery set on a space station. Locus Magazine has already called “Killer Advice” “a good read.”  So check it out for yourself.  The subscription copies are just arriving.  You can order the magazine for your e-reader or you can find it on newsstands.  Or just go to the website and order direct.

2 thoughts on “Killer Advice

  1. Wow, Kris, your ability to hit Sheila’s editor cookies is astounding. I’d ask for your secret, but I suspect (as I just said on Dean’s blog) it would amount to ‘hammer and nails’ ethic: write a lot, submit a lot, and sooner or later you find a way to win. I’m doing well with Dr. Stan. Hope eventually to fit a few stories into Sheila’s buy pile too. In any case, looks like I have a great excuse to drop in at B&N in a couple of weeks and buy the January issue. You got another awesome cover BTW.

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