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It’s been a long saga on this project.  WMG has just published the electronic book.  I’ll have a link to that below. They tell me the actual paper version will be out by the end of the month.

I’ve been sending e-mails to everyone who donated while I wrote the guide, so that I could send the promised free copy. Those of you who haven’t heard from me, please check your spam filter or e-mail me directly.  I’ll check your name against the list, then send along the copy of the Guide.

Thanks, everyone, for the support.  I honestly, truly, could not have written this book without you.

For those of you who’d like to buy a copy, here’s the Amazon link. The e-book will also be available on all the other e-book sites.  The product’s been sent.  It’s just taking some time for the e-book to get uploaded.  If you want it in your favorite format, and the book hasn’t yet been uploaded to your favorite site, try Smashwords. You’ll be able to download in a variety of e-book formats. And thanks again.

2 thoughts on “Freelancer’s Survival Guide update

  1. Very cool, Kris. I absolutely love the cover. And, even though I have my digital copy and love my Nook, I’ll probably also buy a paper copy when it comes out. With non-fiction books there’s something about being able to flip through the pages and find what I want that’s very satisfying. I like the digital version is more convenient for reading but the paper is more convenient for…flipping, I guess.

    1. Thanks, Steve. A lot of folks have told me that. Can’t wait to hold the paper version myself. Then I’ll know just how crazy I really was….:-)

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