The Karnikov Card: A Spade/Paladin Story

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Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine just published my latest Spade/Paladin story, “The Karnikov Card.”  You can find an excerpt here.  And if you’re at all interested in other Spade/Paladin stories, check out Paladin’s website for updates.

10 thoughts on “The Karnikov Card: A Spade/Paladin Story

  1. I did find “Stomping Mad” and enjoyed it (as well as several of your other short stories – I am becoming an addict!). I will see if I can get that issue of AHMM too. Thanks!

  2. Darn, looks like I am a bit too late for the excerpt – they have moved on to the March issue. Read the first Spade/Paladin story on Kindle only this morning and was hoping for more!

    1. Since you have a Kindle, Cathy, download “Stomping Mad.” That’s a Spade story. No Paladin, but it’s a start at least. (And you can get AHMM as an electronic edition for Kindle. You should be able to get the Jan/Feb issue still.) Glad you wanted more!

  3. Thank you. I just grabbed “The Case of the Vanishing Boy”. I’m really glad you make stories available stand alone for Kindle. More, more!
    Happy New Year.

    1. Between you and my book dealer friend Bill, I’m going to have to do more. He wants them too. (He’s one of my first readers on this series.) Thanks!

  4. ROFLOL. I’m not a SMOF, but fannish enough to appreciate the jokes and twist. It sent me out searching for more Spade. Found Stomping Mad. Is there more? Will there be? THANK YOU.

    1. Yes, there’s another–“The Case of the Vanishing Boy” which is in AHMM Jan/Feb of 2009 or you can find it as a stand-alone electronic story. And there will be others. I have one on my editor’s desk at the moment. Fingers crossed that she wants it! Thanks for the great comment.

    1. Sorry you don’t like it, Chuck. I do. It’s accessible, and it is easy for folks to find the content. The other site was horribly cramped and crowded and impossible to find anything on–even for me.

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