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I’m kicking off Vampire Days on my blog.  First up, an audio surprise:

On Sunday, BBC Radio 7 will air the second part in its Short History of Vampires.  That part is my short story, “Hero Dust.”  If you’re in England, you can listen on BBC Radio 7 live at 18:30 or 00:30.  Or you can listen on the web at those times.  (Those are GMT, so do your own time zone subtraction or addition.)  Here’s the link. After it initially airs, it’ll be on the BBC Radio 7 site for about a week.  It’s fun and worth listening to.

Those of you who just want to read the story, you can find it on Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble. Other formats available.

2 thoughts on “BBC, Vampires, and Me

  1. Kris, the Amazon blurb doesn’t say if this is a short, novella, novel, or what. I know it’s a short from your site, but others may not… Doesn’t stating the length or rough length on the Amazon page reduce negative reactions if someone is expecting a novel and gets a short? That’s what I’ve been reading, anyway.

    1. Kevin, I think readers are really bright. They can figure it out. Besides, Amazon gives the file size, so readers know what they’re downloading. I’ve identified the novels as novels and the novellas as short novels–and those are priced higher. So someone loses a dollar figuring that out. If they like my work, they’ll come back. If they don’t, then That’s a risk I take just putting my work out there.

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