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Now I can tell you a secret I’ve been sitting on for weeks. Two secrets, really.

My story, “Red Letter Day,” won the AnLab Award for Best Short Story.  AnLab is Analog Magazine’s Readers Choice Award.  “Red Letter Day” is a stand-alone story about time travel.

My novella, “Becoming One With the Ghosts,” won the Asimov’s Readers Choice Award for Best Novella.  “Becoming One With the Ghosts” is part of my Diving Universe.

The awards were given this weekend in Washington D.C.  I wasn’t able to go because I had already agreed to book signings this weekend for my two book releases this month.  But I’m very excited about this.  Readers awards mean a great deal to me because they come from the readers themselves.

So I need to say some thanks. First to Stan Schmidt and Sheila Williams, the editors, for their great support of my work.  Secondly, to the readers of both magazines.  I am deeply honored by your kind regard for my fiction. Thank you!

22 thoughts on “Award News

    1. Thanks, Dayle & Steve. 🙂 Be warned, Elizabeth. My French publisher dropped its fantasy line and didn’t publish the last two books of the Fey in French. So you’ll have to come back to the English version for that.

      And yeah, the cover is just plain spectacular. 🙂

  1. Congratulations! It’s nice to see that the other readers of Analog and Asimov’s share my good taste. Both stories are wonderful!

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