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Last February, BBC4 ran a Short History of Vampires and included my story, “Hero Dust.” They’re rerunning the series this month (I wonder why?) and you can listen to “Hero Dust” for free until Sunday. Just follow this link. You can also get your own e-book copy of “Hero Dust” from fine e-booksellers everywhere.

4 thoughts on “And Even More Free Fiction: Hero Dust

  1. I just picked up Sins of the Blood, instead, as I’m hoping for a longer read. Can’t wait to start reading it but have a date with my husband to watch the Bad Teacher video first 🙂

  2. Not that it’s tragic, but Amazon DID charge me $0.99 from the Kindle store. Well worth it, but clearly something wasn’t working the way it should.

    Also strange is that the only options it gave me were Buy with 1-click, or Give as Gift. The usual Add to Basked wasn’t there.

    I very much enjoy your work!


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