The Third Book of the Fey, The Rival, Now Available

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The Rival: The Third Book of the Fey

The Fey saga continues! You can now download the third book of the Fey, The Rival, as an e-book. It’s available for $5.99 on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and will arrive in other e-bookstores soon. You can also listen to the audio book from The print book will be available in spring 2012. And as a side note, isn’t the cover, by Dirk Berger, lovely?

11 thoughts on “The Third Book of the Fey, The Rival, Now Available

  1. First off, let me say just how greatly I have enjoyed the series. This has been one of my long standing favorites.

    It is a bit odd, however, to find everyone lost in exuberance over the re-release of a novel with a new cover while we wait (some for 13 years) for the next chapter in the saga.

    I, personally, was quite looking forward to the dangled release in November, only to find another two year carrot. At this point, while the series is great and I would love to see how it ends, I’m heartily sick of the trend I see happening.

    Good writing and a great story speak for themselves. This ploy of keeping people baited with ongoing promise of completing the series while re-releasing everything to acquire new readers, but never delivering is the very process that tends to LOSE an author the readers that were with them from the start. It’s annoying as well as blatantly rude.

    1. Sorry you find it rude, Wolfy. For years, no publisher wanted the Fey series, so I couldn’t complete it. I’m a working writer who gets paid for her work, and I can’t write something I don’t get paid for. Because no publisher would take the book, I couldn’t write it. Now WMG is rereleasing the books. I’m working on the next, but one of my closest friends died this past year and left us his estate. He was a hoarder and a collector, with two houses crammed full of stuff. I have hardly been writing at all.

      I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the series. I hope you’ll still be around when the new book comes out. It will come out, but right now I don’t know the exact date.

  2. Keep the Fey Books coming…I am a Kindle reader and really appreciated the third book coming out in E-Book format. Now for the next ones…and the Black King, Queen etc.

    I read really fast, so for me it is wonderful that they E-Books are available, I can reload anywhere, anytime.
    Still won’t rule out to buy the series in print later, I do it when I really like something!
    Keep on publishing and writing, I am a big fan!

  3. Gotcha. Hope I have a break to read this series soon. I used to read a lot before I started writing. Now, I try to squeeze in a book every month, usually less. I try not to read the genre I’m writing in at the time. 🙂

  4. Dean mentioned the print edition of this book, and I’m interested to find out how that went. My second and third book are also hovering in the 220k word count, and its been interesting formatting and pricing them. yeesh.

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