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As many of you noticed, this website has been down all weekend. The ISP had a major server meltdown and unfortunately, I was one of the unlucky websites on that server. If you sent me e-mail over the weekend, please resend. And believe me when I say that I’m going to figure out a way to prevent this site from going dark again. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me or commented on Facebook or messaged me about this. I appreciate it.

And since everything is tentative at the moment, if you’re not finding a regular weekly feature like Free Fiction Monday or my blog, well, realize I’m trying. I’m hoping we’re done with the crisis, but I’m not getting any guarantees from the ISP. So…fingers crossed that the new week will really be a new week.


5 thoughts on “Website Down

  1. LOL, server failure, one hour – not if they don’t have the hot backup already running. FWIW, getting a remote site DNS redirected can take an hour to propagate.

    I once had a NAS array go out and it took 16 hours to *copy* the back-up data to the new device! From that moment, I provisioned a spare server & hard disks loaded with the nightly data dump. Worst case, we lost a chunk of a day’s production, which was much better than 50+ idle folks! I couldn’t convince the CEO on hourly backup, which great ISPs use. ;-))

    1. If they had told me it was a server failure from the beginning, I would have known that. But they didn’t even share that much info. As I said, tech support drove me nuts! 🙂 Fingers crossed that it will be better this week…

  2. Crossing fingers that the website annoyances will resolve quickly! Or, in time-travel fashion (since I see this on a RSS feed…) that they will have been resolved quickly when you needed it.

  3. Sadly, “prevent from going dark”… = $$

    There’s a world of difference between an everyday budget ISP most of us are using and the infrastructure running Copyblogger or even up to something like a Rackspace cloud and beyond.

    The first should be a relatively easy transfer, the later could prove to be a ROUGH journey. As an example, to get on Amazon’s S3 cloud, I’m sorry, but for most real world humans this is NOT a 5 minute journey. Most of these terms should scare off all but the most adventuresome, and understand that command line mastery is vital.

    Sorry to have seen the site going out and the deep frustration this caused. -Steve

    1. Thanks, Steve. I know that. We’re going to get professional mirrored sites, so it would take a major catastrophe to make it go dark. My biggest frustration, honestly, wasn’t with the darkness. It was with the tech support. They kept telling me the site would be up within the hour. If they had simply said, check back in four hours or something like that, I would have been fine. But constantly telling me they’d have it solved soon drove me nuts. I of course eventually went to a manager, got real information and told him in the future they should have techs give support better information when they have a crisis. (They had a server failure.) That would have helped a lot. I could have put contingency plans in place. Anyway, we’re up today, and that’s what counts. 🙂

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