8 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. Ah, much better now than the blue theme.
    I prefer both side bars on the right but that’s a question of taste.
    One functional aspect: With your old design I always liked how the number of comments was shown above right beside the title – now I have to scroll down the whole article to see whether some comments have been added. A minor point, of course.
    And I can’t figure out where to change that in my own WordPress theme, I’ll have to admit.

    1. A lot of this stuff is just built into the themes and you can’t change it. Like where the comments are. I tried the two sidebars on the right and I didn’t like it. It was too hard to find the new material. And trying to find a theme that looked good and did everything I wanted? Fughetaboutit. [sigh]

        1. Thanks, Frank. I’ll see how this one works out. I spent more than 10 hours on my web design last week, and that’s 10 hours away from my writing that I didn’t need. So unless this theme bombs as bad as the last one, I’m done for a while.

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