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Well, the last theme didn’t work. While it did everything I wanted behind the scenes and more, apparently it shows up differently on different browsers. And anyone who uses Opera can’t even read it. [sigh] So avoid Easel if you’re on Word Press and doing anything with actual words. I’ll be testing more themes tonight. When the free fiction posts tomorrow, let me know if you can’t read it on whatever theme I end up with.

Those of you who complained about my original theme because it was too cluttered, well, I might go back to it. Cluttered is better than unreadable. As I said in one of the previous construction posts, we will all get frustrated as I work on this, so bear with me.

16 thoughts on “More construction

  1. I do like this theme better than the last one but I’m wondering if there’s any possibility of going back to the “Click for the rest of the article” option? This them and the last one had the articles show up in full on the page and required a lot of scrolling. It also limits how many entries are shown on each page depending on the length of each article.

    1. Oh, I know, B. There’s no satisfying all the readers. Most people tell me they strongly dislike the click to the rest of the article. It’s one reason I changed themes. So, I’m afraid for now, you’ll have to scroll. 🙁 I”m not real fond of that either, but considering the repeated complaints, I decided to change.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. In terms of readability — and that’s what your blog is all about, Kris — I find the standard Twenty-Ten theme to be outstanding. It’s not flashy, but I think it would do everything you want. And if you put a great header up (like the one you have now!) it would stand out. Also, Twenty-Ten has the benefit of being WordPress’s standard theme, so it’s always up-to-date and readable in all sorts of browsers.

    1. Thanks, Jeff, but I really dislike the standard Twenty-Ten theme. It doesn’t work for me personally. I appreciate the comment though.

  3. I like your new theme and I see you have a writing cat. An absolute necessity for any serious writer. 😉

  4. Hang in there. The old one looked fine, last week’s was better, and this one is the best so far. (Mozilla Firefox US)

    1. I’m finding that what I do with Easel doesn’t work with different browsers in different countries. So simpler is better, I guess. [sigh] I thought that was a great theme. People were really complaining. In e-mail, in comments, everywhere. So Easel is out. 🙁

      1. I tried to sign up with Elegant Themes, and had a hell of a time getting anything uploaded, so I gave up. The theme I was using is no longer available. Text size is much larger on my screen on this new theme than on the old one (the one before the one that didn’t work). So that must be a browser thing. Because I got a lot of complaints about the tiny font on the WP Cover theme. And yeah, I liked the ability to find everything too, but so many people complained about the clutter. I might still give up and go back to it. I sure wish my experience with Elegant Themes worked better because I love their designs, but I simply don’t have the technical skills to upload the themes properly to my browser. I lost four hours today trying–and I’m really not happy. I got quite mad actually that their video tutorial required me to download a new program, and that’s where I quit. No way was I going to download anything to understand something I downloaded.

        1. (I agree about those stupid video tutorials. Give me the text/images so I have the option to ignore your goofy video FAQ. …and don’t need to find my headphones when I’m trying to work.)

        1. Looks good now. I was viewing it with Chrome, but didn’t think to try another browser. I just looked at this new setup in IE and Firefox, and it’s all the same now.

          I’m disappointed in Elegant Themes now! For me it worked like a charm, but I guess I was just lucky (and/or I have a more minimal site).

          Still, whatever you’ve done now, it looks good…and I did just find an older “Business Rusch” article without too much hassle, so it’s navigable.

          1. Great. Yay!

            With Elegant Themes, I downloaded, but my computer never read it as a zip file. So I couldn’t upload. And it didn’t matter which theme. So I couldn’t do anything. 🙁 It was weird. I gave up.

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