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This week, if you have an e-reader, you can buy a copy of the first book in my Charming series, Utterly Charming, for 99 cents. If you have a Kindle, go directly to Amazon.com.  If you have a different kind of e-reader, go directly to Sourcebooks’ website, and you’ll find a discounted version of the book in any format for your e-reader.

Meet Emma of Thoroughly Kissed before she gets her history degree. Learn why I decided a side character really deserved her own Happily Ever After. Read Utterly Charming.

9 thoughts on “Utterly Charming on Sale!

  1. If you have a different kind of e-reader, go directly to Sourcebooks’ website, and you’ll find a discounted version of the book in any format for your e-reader.

    But if you have the unfortunate combination of a Mac computer and a Sony ereader you won’t actually be able to read the book on your ereader, it seems. Seems to be a known problem with Adobe Digital Editions which you have to install in order to download the book.

    I don’t mind reading on my computer, but it is probably worth letting other potential readers know that getting a non-Kindle version won’t necessarily be straightforward because of the DRM.

    1. Louise, let Sourcebooks know about the problem. I did not publish these books, so have no idea what’s going on with the various versions. This might simply be a hang-up that they’ve already solved. Good luck and thanks for informing everyone.

      1. Unsurprisingly sourcebooks just bounced me up to Adobe. They basically admitted that while they support Macs and support Sony readers they don’t support them used together. I guess I’ll chalk that up to experience and not buy from anywhere that relies on Adobe software for DRM in future.

        1. Honestly – your situation is yet another example of why there are so many fighting against DRM in general. Things are completely transparent as long as you are on the fully supported list, until they decide to turn you off. (And seriously – Amazon – while I know you had to do it, wiping 1984 off of people’s Kindles without warning was not the best way to go about it. One time you really should have talked to the PR people!)

          1. Well, you know, I have a Sony because I have various issues with the Kindle, mostly related to control, but I didn’t buy it without recognising there are downsides to opting for a minority system. $0.99 is a pretty cheap way to discover this problem, and I still have access to and can read the book. DRM as often implemented is a mess, but I’m not opposed to the concept in principle.

            1. I learned that when I got an MP3 player that was not an iPod. I had to go through a lot of hoops that iPod users didn’t. This is why my other publisher WMG uses Smashwords. That way, you can chose your format and order for Sony if you want. Sometimes there’s format issues in trying to please everyone, but it’s better than being unavailable or marginally available. Thanks, Louise!

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