New Trade Paperback of Alien Influences

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WMG Publishing has just released a beautiful edition of Alien Influences. The novel was nominated for the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award in England, and received rave reviews in The New York Times and the London Times. The book went out of print more than a decade ago. WMG brought out the e-book edition in 2011. Now we have a paper edition as well–and, I must say, that this edition is the loveliest edition the novel has ever had, inside and out. Here’s the link to the excerpt. And you can buy a copy of the trade paperback here. If you want an ebook edition, click on the excerpt for that information.

4 thoughts on “New Trade Paperback of Alien Influences

    1. I just finished the book Alien Influences. It was my favorite sci-fi that I have read in years. Is there more about what happened to John?

      Thank you so much for writing it. Plus thank you for bringing it back. I wished I had found you years ago.


        1. 😉 I think John found a warrior-woman from one of those fighter worlds and they had three children. I bet the children learn some Dancer moves. (UMMM… yea, I write too.) Mine are more fantasy-heavy.

          I am looking for more of your stories.

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