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I know some of you have been wondering when the next Retrieval Artist novel will appear. The novel, titled Blowback, will appear on September 11, 2012. Audible has a 90-day exclusive, so audio customers will get the book first. Then the trade paper edition and ebook editions will appear in December.

We had hoped to have the book earlier, but some writer got wrapped up in life events, and didn’t manage to finish as soon as she expected. (Yeah, that was me.) And then I ended up writing 150,000 words of what turned out to be a 100,000-novel. I finally figured out I was writing parts of Blowback, a stand-alone history novella, and the next novel at the same time. Once I found the thread for Blowback, I was able to set aside a large chunk of the next novel, and about half of the novella. I’ll finish those up Real Soon Now. 🙂

In early August, WMG Publishing will take preorders for signed copies of Blowback. I’ll let you know as soon as that happens. I’ll also share the cover when it’s finalized.

This Retrieval Artist universe just keeps getting bigger….

9 thoughts on “Retrieval Artist Update

  1. Mrs Rusch , I want to thank you for turning me in to a RA and Dive universe junkie. I just can’t get enouph of your writing. Simplistic and got me thinking. I went through all five of the dive univers in about a week. I am now on my third RA novel. Hoping that Boss as you just told us will that Miles Flint will make a appereance this year. Thank you for turning me in to a reading junkie.

    P.S. when I was younger I hated to read. I only read tech instructions and Magazines.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying reading fiction! And I’m very happy you like the series. The next RA novels will continue, and so will the Diving novels. The next Diving will probably be early next year as soon as I finish a few other promised projects.

  2. Kris, first, I am overjoyed to hear another Retrieval Artist novel is coming this year. What a treat! Congrats! I’ll be ordering the TPB ASAP! I’ve admired the craft of this series: fascinating universe, appealing characters, unique problems, ever evolving, never formulaic. Brava! Thank you, also, for letting us know where Blowback resides in the RA chronology. Those of us who share a degree of Miles Flint’s meticulousness appreciate this attention to detail.

  3. I am so excited for the next book! I used to be a courier driving all over Saskatchewan (Canada) and I listened to the entire series while driving down the highways, I missed the characters when it was all done. I am so grateful there is going to be another volume.

  4. Looking forward to it! I’ve pretty much blown through the Retrieval Artist backlist and am now at the point of waiting (mostly patiently – grin) for new releases. Thanks for the update!

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