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I know a lot of you won’t go to the Fiction River Kickstarter site, and many of you who do won’t watch the video. I’ve watched a ton of Kickstarter videos and they’re usually…well, not worth watching. Ours is. But it almost wasn’t because of me & Dean. The problem? Well, I got trained in broadcasting, and worked in radio for a long time. But watching me read a script–watching me–is like watching the PBS radio announcers show up for a PBS-TV fundraiser. We radio people don’t know where the cameras are or how doofy our eyes look when we move them around. Or maybe I should say “shifty.” We always look like we’re trying to get away with something.

Dean is a great interview. But only if he’s actually interviewed. And we lost our interviewer to life events. So we tried to go with the script I wrote as a guideline for the interview. Big mistake. Faced with that mistake and a limited amount of time, we had to cobble something together. So, honestly, we used the outtakes. They’re much more interesting than two writers trying to handle a script. So give it a watch. People find it funny. Thank heavens.


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  1. The outtakes are the best part of the video. If you’d done this seriously…I can’t imagine. This is your personalities and your relationship, perfectly depicted!

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